I was fortunate to have someone recommend Tara to design my firm logo and branding campaign. It was something I wanted to do for many years. Tara was fantastic to work with, she took took the time to understand my personality and vision. Tara was insistent on scheduling and deadlines and pushed me to stay onboard. In the end, she delivered and created a clean and powerful logo consistent with the global concept I had in mind. I am very happy with the design and look forward to working with her again on future projects.

Ryan Gilbert

Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney, The Law Offices of Ryan E. Gilbert LLC

I’m an extremely picky individual and was afraid I’d end up frustrating a designer to no end — especially because I’m so used to doing everything myself, including all my branding, graphics, and design. Finally, I decided to take the leap and hire someone to just DO it for me, and I am so glad I chose Tara. She’s an extremely reasonable person who has such quick results for her clients, which really makes you feel as if you’re the most important thing on her plate. Her attention to the tiniest of details was super important to me, especially while I reworked my brand to get a better idea of where I was going. Going through the creative process with Tara allowed me to better focus on what exactly I want out of this business of mine, and her passion, positivity and unique design eye totally gave me a renewed inspiration for what’s coming next! Stephanie Tuba

Skin Care & Soap Entrepreneur, Tarabusi Creek

It was such a pleasure to work with Tara! I only had a vague idea on what I wanted for a logo, but she came up with a variety of choices which made it very easy for me to nail down what I liked and disliked. She implemented my suggestions on changes very well and made my amateur sketches look professional in a way that I could have never done. I’m so glad I hired her! Instead of fighting with the computer for days and coming up with a mediocre design myself, I had a perfect logo within a day! Tara nailed the aesthetics of my photography business and the consistency of her work is just amazing. She even delivered more than I would have expected. This saved me so much time and nerves. Moreover, her cheerful and friendly personality made it a great joy to communicate with her. I’m highly recommending Tara if you’re looking for a fresh face for your business! Michelle Liebheit


I decided to launch my brand ‘Imani Inspires’ and go after my goals harder than ever before this year. Being a busy woman occupied by a full-time job, school and trying to maintain a social life, my dream looked impossible. I refused to let it go and started with step one. I knew I needed to make a website, and because I had the basic knowledge of creating one, I thought “you can do this, it shouldn’t be that hard.” Yes, it wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t excellent. It didn’t scream my vision and it took too much time trying to create what I desired.  After trying to develop it myself, I humbly admitted that I wasn’t an expert and I acknowledged the fact that I needed to hire an expert. I also reflected on my vision and immediately recognized that my crappy website design needed to be revamped. I wanted everything to be professional and pretty, high class yet down to earth. I wanted my website to inspire people, to create a beautiful cyberspace that the viewer loved to visit.  I needed a professional.

Boom, I meet Tara, the creative behind Blue Cat Media & Design. First of all, she spoke my language. She is also a business woman/ entrepreneur and has decided to live life as a BOSS, and a DOER. It is important to me that I had someone who believed in my brand and where I wanted to go. She respected my deadline and immediately got to work! We started off with laying out the foundation and she really took the time to understand what I was striving to build. She encouraged me and also educated me along the way. She provided insightful feedback on my material while respecting boundaries, which I found extremely helpful. It also showed me that I wasn’t just a client to her but that she cared about my success and wanted my visions to be a reality. When I was confused (quite often) about the random technology decisions, she took out the time to give me the proper detailed information so I could make the best decision for my business.
If you need someone to create your dream brand, encourage your vision, respect your time and provide professional yet fun services, then you need to hire Tara. If you want to take on everything yourself, sure you can do that too. But take it from someone who tried this route, and got real with herself. You will not regret the investment and the outcome.
Imani Wade

Inspirational Speaker, Imani Inspires

Starting a new business can be so daunting, and taking a stab at designing my own branding, giving up and paying someone on a freelance site to design my logo (to underwhelming results and a difficult experience), I sought the help of Tara Plaza. Working with her was a breath of fresh air; she listened intently to my needs and the mission of my company, asked questions as they came up, and responded to my own questions and suggestions promptly and with a spirit of collaboration. Working with her was wonderful, and the best part was the turnaround! She was able to set up my brand within 24 hours. She was ON IT and I felt like we were truly working together to develop my vision every step of the way. Thank you, Tara, for designing a beautiful brand for my business, and for walking me through the process every step of the way. I’m so excited to launch and I couldn’t have done it without her talent, vision, and quick, productive feedback.

Angela J. Greco

Founder of WWAC, Wild Women Adventure Co.

“From start to finish my experience with Tara was absolutely wonderful! Her creative brief was incredibly thorough, and it actually made me think about my business in a new way. She really listened when it came to my color schemes and came up with something that was different, but still totally on brand with my website and only enhanced my overall vision. The highlight would have to be my logos- they completely embody my brand! They are also something I would never have thought up. Overall, Tara is super lovely and I would 100% recommend hiring her for all of your aesthetic needs!” Kelsey Pfeiffer

Copywriter & Blogger, Route, Road, Roam

Tara is an incredible graphic designer! Before hiring Tara I was hesitant because I had a vision but expressing it to another person I found super difficult. As I stumbled my way through our conversation trying to express my ideas I remember thinking, “there is no way I am making any logical sense.” BUT, in some way, Tara was able to bring my rambling to life with her attention to detail and creativity. She really listened and totally blew me away with all of her concepts and ideas. I loved how she respected my time and got to work immediately. She gave me a lot of variations and pieces to choose from. When all was said and done I was so glad I went with my gut to hire a true designer. I could not have been any happier with the work Tara did for me; she absolutely delivered on exactly what I wanted for my new company image in such a short amount of time with little to go on! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for any type of graphic design work because she is simply amazing! Thanks again Tara.

Aleksander Pritsker

Real Estate Broker, REMAX

Tara is a real gem and a beautiful designer. Before working with her, I was unfocused and could not be objective about the direction I wanted my website and branding to go. Tara really listened to me about what I wanted and was very easy to communicate about changes. To be honest, there weren’t many, because she pretty much nailed and exceeded my vision on the very first try! She also created a logo and color scheme that is perfect for me and my brand and did all of this very quickly. Besides having an amazing and creative eye for design, I think one of Tara’s best talents is that she is kind and has the ability to make you feel 100% supported. She created a website that I can’t STOP looking at because I am so proud of it. I get compliments on how beautiful and awesome it looks to everyone I show it to and that makes me feel confident in my business. Don’t hesitate to put your branding and website needs in her hands, she is more than capable and really delivers. Thanks Tara! Holly O'Leary

Digital Marketer/ Virtual Assistant, Wanderlust Virtual Solutions

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