This brand was created for King’s Landing Wines; a small family run vineyard, situated in the beautiful wine region of Margaret River, Western Australia. Aside from selling their range of delicious fine wines, this company hosts various events such as wine tastings, winery tours, bands/ performances, and weddings. They offer a picturesque backdrop for outdoor wedding ceremonies and an enclosed restaurant as well. The company wants their visitors to know that it is a wonderful place to come on the weekends with the family as they have plenty of outdoor/indoor seating where you and your hunny can relax with a nice bottle of wine while the kids play throughout the beautiful grounds with the dog (yes they are dog friendly! How awesome!?) It is also perfect for couples of all ages and of course a typical girls day out. Getting married soon? Then come check out the winery as they also specialize in events and weddings!

The company wanted their brand to exude warm, relaxing tones and wanted some kind of natural wood element/texture somewhere throughout their brand.

“Our mission is to create a blissful experience for families, couples, and children with the enhancement of exceptional wines.”

Project Deliverables :

Full Branding Styleboard

Wood texture mockup

Wine bottle mockup with alternate logo

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