let me guess…

You finally, fine-a-ly, took the chance, took the leap- to leave the familiar behind- to carve out your own mold; your own business. You listened to your inner spirit animal, discovered your niche, and answered your calling. You thought about all the scary, unpredictable things that could happen with starting your own business and ALMOST let that stop you (so many times, you’ve lost track).

BUT you didn’t. YOU made it and you are now a proud, hustlin’ business owner. Congratulations! But wait…with all the millions of things that come along with running your own business, how are you going to stay relevant? You know that the foundation for a successful business is a solid, long-lasting brand that tells your story. BUT HOW will you achieve this when your to-do list is already miles long and just seems to be growing even as you read this!?

Breathe. Take a sip of wine. Namaste…

I KNOW your journey was not easy and WE both know it is far from over. But who says your journey needs to be so damn stressful?

You started your business with a soulful purpose and passion. That is what you need to be focusing your time and energy on.

SO, let me clear the rain for you. While learning about you and your story I will create something that will not only enhance your business but also reflect your personal style & serve as a long-lasting, effective marketing tool.

I am here to be your clarity.


If you are looking to…


Increase your sales and leads

Define your brand strategy
Attract your dream clients
Professionalize your presentation
Create a more cohesive brand identity
Establish yourself as an authority
Expand your audience engagement
Stay relevant and on trend
Build your social media platforms
Gain back hours of your day

This is just where you need to be.


I’m Tara, the passionate creator and project manager behind Blue Cat Media & Design. After a long journey of self-reflection and soul-searching, I left the stable life of being a teacher. I knew the structured schedule wasn’t my “thing” when I found myself day-dreaming about a different life more than I was enjoying my current one. I quickly realized, I was just going through the motions and no longer felt fulfilled. LIFE IS MUCH TOO SHORT to waste time feeling stuck. So, I made a change. Now, I am able to help passionate entrepreneurs like yourself, create brands that help you tell your story, captivate your ideal audience and help you to embody the powerful, confident, and successful entrepreneur that YOU ARE. Together, we will craft an enchanting brand and website reflecting your killer personality that you will be dying to show off.

So, stop wasting time with the day-dreaming and get your business purring TODAY.

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